A Nourishing & light weight Herbal formula to protect hair from dandruff & boost natural shine & health.

Tea Tree Olive & Jojoba

  • A unique blend of 12 herbs for treating Dandruff and frizzy hair. It protects the natural keratin in hair & seals in moisture . A light weight non sticky hair oil blended with Tea tree, Jojoba, Olive Oil & Brahmi to fight dandruff, controls frizz and boosts healthy growth.Olive oil has Vitamin A , E, antioxidants to provide shine & strength but also comes with SPF 7 to protect hair from sun damage. Rice bran, sesame & Sunflower oil are rich in Omega 3 & 9 fatty acids, keeps follicles healthy and nourished. Celery seeds and brahmi strengthens hair promoting growth while Sweet Orange and Lime oil are rich in Vitamin C and anti fungal properties.

Hair Care