A light weight, non sticky Herbal formula with powerful antioxidants to repair, revitalize & protect damaged chemically treated , colored hair.

Hibiscus Almond & Rosemary

  • A light weight, non sticky 12 in 1 Pure Herbal formulation vital for treating damaged colour-treated hair, leaving hair hydrated & soft. The enriching mix of Almond and Olive oil is infused with SPF 5-7 to protect hair from sun damage. Almond and castor oil are rich in Omega 3 &6 fatty acids, phospholipids & vitamin E, keeps hair hydrated and nourished. Hibiscus rich with amino acids prevents hair loss while Rosemary, Neem oil, Lavender & peppermint have antimicrobial an anti fungal elements rich with antioxidants to protect and keep the scalp cool.Rosemary also benefits in reducing hair thinning. Brahmi is an ancient herb with regenerative properties that strengthens hair follicles and promotes hair growth.

Hair Care