This is a Natural Ayurvedic Neelbhringadi Oil Preparation, useful for treating split ends, provide volume and improve hair quality.

Ayurvedic Formulated Dharti Anjana Bhringraj Head Massage Oil

  • An Ayurvedic Hair Vitalizer prepared with Natural Herbs like Shatakratulata, Bhringraj, Dhatri,Amla, Anjana, Neeliswarasa, Ganjmoola and Coconut Bhringaraj maintains health and promotes hair growth, Neeli Swarasa and Anjana help in premature greying, Shatakratulata boosts hair growth. Amla is said to be a ‘Divyaushadi’ in Ayurveda which is a divine plant. It has high content of natural Vitamin C which helps in strengthening hair follicles, restore healthy shine and reduce inflammation of the scalp. Ganjmoola helps in maintaing a cool scalp and also has anti microbial, anti inflammatory properties. Coconut has SPF-7 , reduces protein loss owning to color, bleach, uv rays and also has a cooling effect.

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