A Traditional Ayurvedic Kayyanyadi Hair Vitalizer which helps in reducing hair fall, dryness, premature greying and promotes hair growth.

Ayurvedic Formulated Bhringraj Nalikera Madhu Hair Oil

  • An Ayurveda Hair Vitalizer with Bhringaraj,Honey, Amla, Guduchhi, Anjana & coconut promotes healthy growth & keeps roots nourished. Bhringaraj known as the king of hair, boosts hair growth, reduces premature greying, strengthens hair roots & reduces hair fall. Coconut is used as a base oil, has SPF 7 which provides protection from sun rays. It also has a cooling effect and keeps hair roots hydrated. Guducchi -most highly revered herbs of Ayurvedic medicine. Known universally as "Guducchi" (referred as Amrit in Ayurveda or divine nectar)) is a very powerful healing herb. It serves as an excellent anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant. Honey- A natural anti-oxidant, it contains high level of moisture to keep your scalp nourished & conditioned. Amla- Amla is said to be a ‘Divyaushadi’ in Ayurveda which is a divine plant. It has high content of natural Vitamin C which helps in strengthening hair follicles and reduce inflammation of the scalp.

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