Vedic Vanna

Kalarayan Sandalwood

Rs. 1,050

20 ml (0.67 fl oz.)

Inspired by the healing scent of tranquility

The scent of solace when you walk by the sandalwood forest

Red Sandalwood

Sanskrit Name : Chandana



To Use

Ideal Time to Use

Extraction Method

Ceremonial ,earthy ,warm woodsy
Healing scent of the tranquility of woods after the rain
Put 7-10 drops in a diffuser containing 3/4 water.
When seeking for peace and tranquility , in a meditative mode & for festive celebrations.
Steam distilled

"Box package is an original painting copyright accredited to Raja Ravi Varma's rich work. From the collection of : The Raja Ravi Verma Heritage Foundation, Bengaluru, India. All rights reserved by The Raja Ravi Varma Heritage Foundation, Bengaluru, India. "

Ways To Use Red Sandalwood Oil


5-10 drops of essential oil added to 3/4 amount of water. Place the diffuser in a room where the family is celebrating. Also used in the room of worship.

Calming Sleep

Pour 1-2 Drops of the Essential Oil on Your Pillow to achieve a good night's rest.

At Home | Work

Pour a few drops onto a cotton ball and tuck into a corner of the room, refresh the cotton as required. Can also be used as a diffuser oil by adding a few drops with water to an essential oil burner.

"Research suggests that Sandalwood oil shows promise as a means of promoting healthier sleep, "

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