The Best Essential herbs for Healthy Hair

Ayurvedic concept of hair oils and their benefits

Maintaining a healthy balance in life is the key to happiness. This encompasses a healthy state of mind & a healthy body. Ayurveda takes a holistic approach towards maintaining the health of individuals which involves the food we eat, our digestive strength, a strong stress -free mind & an active body with regular exercising.

Fundamentals of a healthy pH balanced body :


Our inner health is strongly determined by keeping the acid / alkaline measure also known as pH in our body balanced. This is measured between a scale of 0-14, with 7 being neutral. Anything below 7 is acidic and above 7 is alkaline.

An acidic body feels low on energy, gets exhausted & stressed out mentally , have a bloated stomach and you lose the radiance of your skin and hair.

The pH balance can be achieved by avoiding unhealthy dietary choices like junk food & excess sugar, regular exercising to calm your body & reduce stress. Opting for a diet that is rich in minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and zinc helps balance acidity.

In Ayurveda, high amount of acid in our body is credited to aggravate Pitta. Adding pitta reducing food to the diet helps. Food that is light, dry & cool works great.

Consume fresh sweet fruits, vegetables rich in vitamins A, C, D and E, Zinc, iron, protein and essential fatty acids to have healthy hair growth & minimize the use of hot & spicy, salty and sour food.

Ayurveda Approach to Healthy Hair:

Ayurveda provides the method for living a holistic balanced life. There are well defined activities as a part of Dinacharya ( daily regimen) & Ritucharya ( seasonal regimen). Hair care plays a crucial role in Dinacharya where regular oiling of hair has been an integral part of Ayurvedic ritual to maintain healthy hair growth.

Ayurveda credits hair loss & hair damage to imbalance of pitta Dosha. According to Charaka Samhita, intake of alkaline food and excessive salt increases the risk of premature graying and balding problems.

Owing to lifestyle challenges like stress, environmental aggressors, hormonal imbalance, nutrition deficiency & frequent use of chemical products in our hair in the modern age, hair fall is seen as a growing problem with most of us.

Ayurveda has proposed many beneficial processes for hair growth and treatment of hair diseases. Ayurveda divides hair diseases into Kahlitya ( hair fall), Indralupta ( baldness), Palitya ( greying of hair) & Darunaka ( dandruff).

Ayurveda has special mention of Abhyanga (Massage) which greatly improves the blood circulation, thus increasing the health of the hair & also scalp.

Essential herbs to look out in your hair oil:

Vedic Vanna’s Ayurvedic Hair Oil has been formulated using references from Taila Pak Vidhi. Our 3 variations of Ayurvedic hair tonic is aimed to manage pitta imbalances by using therapeutic Indian herbs that aims to target all hair problems.


Keshraj or the ‘King of herbs’ is a revered herb since ancient times & has been primarily used as it is known as a natural remedy for hair growth. It is high on protein & is very effective for hair fall, dandruff and premature graying.


Known as a promoter of hair growth, controls premature greying & also has rejuvenating properties for both hair & skin.


Also known as Karnasphota has anti-fungal properties, treats dandruff & prevents hair fall.


Known as Sesame is majorly used as a base oil in ancient Ayurveda & a traditional choice for hair & body massage ( Abhyanga). It is a very nourishing & warm oil which helps restore hair quality & luster. It helps relieve body aches & relaxes the muscle when massaged in the body.


One of the most widely used base oil in Ayurveda . It is known to nourish damaged hair, prevents dandruff & strengthens hair. Owing to its excellent cooling properties, it is preferred in warmer regions.


Amlaki or Indian Gooseberry is a wonder berry which balances all Doshas ( 3 bio-elements that constitute a person’s physical & mental constitution). It has a rich source of vitamin C & has powerful antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties. It prevents premature greying, conditions hair to restore strength & shine.


Also referred to as “Amrita” or heavenly nectar is known to have been used in ancient times to stay young. It is a valuable herb in Ayurveda for its rejuvenation and anti-oxidant properties and boosts hair growth.


Extract of daruharidra is known to impart color to the hair & promote hair growth.


Is known to be a natural emollient and helps retain moisture level.

Vedic Vanna’s 12 in 1 Herbal Hair Oil is a take on Modern Day Hair Care that offers hair oil which are light weight and is a concoction of new generation Botanicals with traditional proven herbs.

They form a powerful blend to provide herbal remedies that addresses modern day hair care needs.

Tea Tree

It has anti -microbial properties & is effective for fighting dandruff and prevent hair loss.

Rice Bran Oil

Has been a part of Asian hair & skincare regimen for a long time. It nourishes and protects scalp. Has high content of Vitamin E, anti -oxidants, Omega-6 fatty acid, Oleic acid which fights dandruff, prevents damage & split ends and boosts hair growth.


It is a storehouse for anti -oxidants making it ideal to reduce hair loss & itchy scalp, helps hair growth & rejuvenates hair. Brahmi is considered to be tridoshic (balances all 3 Doshas) & has a capacity to calming the mind as it cools & soothes the scalp.

Sun flower oil

Has omega 9 acid which prevents hair breakage and stimulates hair growth. Rich with polyunsaturated fatty acids, it contains rich sources of Vitamins E and K ,it helps control frizz, keeping your hair healthy & strong.

Fennel seeds

It is just not an ordinary kitchen spice. Loaded with Minerals & Vitamin C, it provides nutrition to the scalp, moisturizes hair and promotes growth.


Loaded with essentials like Omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids, vitamin E, treats & strengthens damaged hair, nourishes scalp, restores shine & softness.


Antimicrobial properties and has a calming effect

Peppermint oil

Apart from its antiseptic and antimicrobial property, it has Omega-3 Vitamin A& C which cools & cleanses the scalp and helps reduce inflammation.

Castor Oil

Rich with ricinoleic acid , Vitamin E, proteins, omega-6& 9 fatty acids which nourishes & hydrates the scalp, reduce hair loss & promotes hair growth.


It is a great hair tonic as it is rich in vitamins C,E & B, copper & zinc. Helps seal in moisture content, protects from breakage & split ends, control frizz and promote healthy shine & strength.


Rich in Vitamin C & amino acids, prevents hair loss and stimulate healthy hair growth.

Olive oil

Rich with vitamin A, E & anti -oxidants, it protects natural moisture in hair, conditions hair to restore shine & strength. Effective anti- dandruff .

Celery Seeds

Promotes hair growth.

Sweet Orange

Has omega 9 acid which prevents hair breakage and stimulates hair growth. Rich with polyunsaturated fatty acids, it contains rich sources of Vitamins E and K ,it helps control frizz, keeping your hair healthy & strong.


Loaded with anti-oxidants & anti -microbial properties nourishes hair follicle & soothes scalp. Helps in treating dandruff and adds shine to your hair.

Castor oil

Rich with ricinoleic acid , Vitamin E, proteins, omega-6& 9 fatty acids which nourishes & hydrates the scalp & promotes hair growth.

Lime Oil

Rich in Vitamin C , Flavonoids, Folate and pantothenic acid its known for anti-fungal properties, fights dandruff & strengthens hair. Lime also works as an astringent to control oil in oily scalp.

Sweet Orange

Controls excess oil in scalp. Rich in Vitamin C, it nourishes hair & restores shine.

Neem Oil

Anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal, it cools, cleanses & purifies scalp, treats lice &dandruff & prevents hair loss.

To Oil or Not to Oil:

To answer why oiling the hair is important, as starters it is a fantastic lubricant which helps to detangle your hair, protect your hair from heat and harmful sun rays. Oiling hair not only nourishes the hair but also keeps hair smooth. Warm oil massages help to relax your mind. For charged hair problems during blow dry or flying thin hair, a light touch of oil helps to smoothen the hair down.

At Vedic Vanna, we have a hair oil for everyone. The texture of your hair needs to be considered while choosing the type of oil and frequency of application.

The Ayurvedic range provides choices for controlling hair problems & the light weight Herbal hair oil range not only promotes hair health but also acts as a styling agent to keep hair smooth & shiny for rough, coarse and curly hair.

Some quick tips for different Hair Types:

  1. If you have fine, thin hair which is prone to breakage & is static, use a light herbal hair oil as a leave- in post drying your hair instead of chemical hair sprays. Use a humidifier at home to moisten the surrounding air.
  2. If you have oily hair- You still need to nourish the hair by using coconut or jojoba oil as they add shine & health to your hair. Avoid oiling too regularly.
  3. If you have hair loss issues- Include Vitamin B, zinc & good fats in your diet. Hard water also causes hair fall. Use lime water or vinegar rinse to protect after hair wash.
  4. If you have itchy, flaky scalp- Use hair oil which has neem, Aloe Vera, Tea tree, Lemon oil, or Coconut oil. They help reduce itching owing to their anti- microbial & cooling properties.
  5. If you have dry hair with split ends- Daily wear & tear causes split ends. Always oil your hair before a wash as oil forms a protective layer & provides nourishment. Get regular trimming & dry your hair gently.

Apart from using pH balanced, Natural hair products , it is important to have a healthy diet and regular exercising to maintain healthy hair.

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