Kumkumadi Serum

Why you should integrate this amazing Natural Kumkumadi Serum in your Skincare Essentials

Today, most of us are in a race to adopt various preventive skincare solutions to deal with early signs of aging that is appearing owing to stress, anxiety, lifestyle patterns, exposure to environmental assault and pollutants.

Serums vs Moisturizers

We all have realized by now that skin serums are an absolute necessity these days in your skincare regime. They have quickly become one of the most favored products as they have a higher concentration of natural extracts that helps address specific skin related issues. Unlike moisturizers, serums are light weight & can penetrate into the underlying layers of your skin enabling us to see faster results.

Vedic Vanna Saffron skincare for skin glow

Natural & Clean is the way to go when it comes to Safe Skincare

While consumers are spoilt with choices available in the market these days, one should deal with caution and stick to purely natural & clean products which have no harmful effects to your skin. In a time where the peer pressure of looking good often forces us to succumb to glow- on-the-go products which have added harmful chemicals for quicker results, Vedic Vanna Kumkumadi Serum gives you an opportunity to adopt a less aggressive , Natural skincare product that goes a long way showing amazing results without harming your skin.

Vedic Vanna Kumkumadi Serum is the secret to a minimalist approach to self-care with visible results. This opulent skincare serum is a pure Ayurvedic formulation that is 100% Natural, designed to indulge your skin with the miracles of nature & is expertly blended to work for every skin type. This serum has high quantities of active nutrients and works as a night detox in sync with your skin's natural process with no adverse effects thus making it the best serum for skin glow.

Imagine the goodness packed when you combine 26 Native Indian Bioactive natural extracts from the lap of nature. These 26 plant-derived nutrients are brimming with vitamins, rich antioxidants, anti- inflammatory, skin strengthening Omega fatty acids, brighteners & hydrators that functions almost like an all-in-one skin concern remedy.

You can get that dewy skin, target hyperpigmentation, breakouts, refine dull skin and much more with this amazing skin serum.


Here are some of the rich ingredients that are sourced from Nature to design this multi -tasking serum includes:


Saffron- Has anti- oxidant & anti -inflammatory properties, improves skin tone & adds radiance to the skin.

BLUE LOTUS for skin purifying

Blue lotus- Purifies , restores balance and rejuvenates skin .


MULETHI & MANJISTHA for clear bright skin

Mulethi & Manjistha- works as a purifying astringent to give a clean & brighter skin.


LICORICE powerful anti aging

Licorice- An ancient anti -aging therapy with powerful anti -oxidants , lightens skin tone, works on pigmentation.


DARUHARIDA for acne & blemishes

Daruharidra ( Tree turmeric- contains vitamin C, soothes. acne and blemished skin

JAVA FIG & MAHUA for anti blemish skin

Java fig and Mahua- They have powerful astringent properties & helps reduce scars and improve complexion.


SEASME OIL rich in Vitamin E for nourishment

Sesame Oil- Rich sources of Vitamin E , fatty acids & other nutrients to help nourish & hydrate the skin.

RED SANDALWOOD, KHUS, VETIVER for cooling , soothing oily skin

Cooling and soothing ingredients like Red sandalwood, Khus, or vetiver & Bael fruit ( rich in Vit. A, C & Riboflavin) which helps reduce inflammation in oily & sensitive skin.



Why your Skin needs this Night serum

Vedic Vanna Night repairing serum boosts your skin’s defense making it softer & smoother. The serum multi tasks to help strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier while improving skin texture.

It is the best Natural beauty product that rebuilds skin vitality, reduce inflammation & minimizes damage caused due to pollution & UA/UV rays.

Repairs & rejuvenates dull, blemished, pigmented skin naturally to bring a radiant glow to the face in a few weeks’ time

Vedic Vanna skin glow serum
Vedic Vanna Kumkumadi serum

For Dry & dull skin:

Use 4-5 drops of this velvety fluid and lightly massage it to your face until it gets absorbed in the skin. You can leave it on at night and let it work its magic while you sleep.
. Blend easily in the skin , gets absorbed quickly owing to its light velvety texture.

For Oily skin:

Take 2 drops of the serum and blend it to your skin. Wait for 20-20 minutes as required by your skin texture and rinse your face with water. Pat your face dry with a soft towel.


If you are in search of a Natural, Clean & effective skin serum that satisfies your skin’s need for Vitamins C and other nutrients, one that instills brilliance while breathing life to your skin, your search ends with Vedic Vanna Kumkumadi skin serum.

Good things come in small packages is so true in this case...am amazing face oil especially for dry skin to help nourish and repair....and yes definitely helps with removing marks and pigmentation...loved it.

— Stuti Kushwaha, Kolkatta

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