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Holistic Health : Aroma Essential Oils To Fight Stress & Anxiety

How many times has it happened that you are desperately seeking a good night’s sleep after a long day, yet your mind drifts away to the next morning routine and the 'to do' lists . All of us have been there and however hard we have tried counting a herd of sheep or made an attempt to go blank, our monkey brain has failed us. We end up waking in the morning feeling dull & grumpy yet pushing ourselves out of the bed to begin our day. The stress & anxiety level that gets accumulated throughout the day- be it for professional or personal reasons weighs pretty heavy on us and the daily grind continues.

While some of us have realized that physical & emotional well -being is a non- negotiable, every individual should inculcate a regime that practices a sense of well- being to stay healthy.

Adopt a Stress Management Regime

In Ayurveda, Pranayama (control of breath), Yoga & Meditation are ways to control your overall wellness of mind, body & soul. The art of deep breathing helps you relax. Ayurveda connects stress with Ojas ( essential energy in the body that is responsible for strength, vitality, liveliness & energy).

  • Commit yourself to an exercise regime to relax and rejuvenate. The art of deep breathing helps you relax.
  • Self- body massage ( Abhyanga)- A warm oil massage with Sesame or coconut oil before a bath helps relax the nervous system & relieves stress.
  • Feet Massage before sleep- A regular feet massage before you sleep relaxes the muscles, reduces stress and promotes sleep.
  • Aromatherapy- It has been prevalent since the time of Ayurveda where aromatic herbs were used to address various health concerns. Today researches have reinforced the therapeutic values of inhaling aroma essential oils for emotional well -being.

Diffuser Essential Oils

The sense of smell ( olfaction) is quite underrated compared to the other senses in the human body ( sight, hear, touch & taste) but it plays a major role to balance emotional well- being.

The other interesting aspect is that our sense of smell is closely linked with memory so odors evoke past experiences & emotions.

  • The parts of the brain receiving the information originating through our nasal passage to the olfactory membrane are the limbic system and cerebral cortex.
  • In the cortex, conscious processing, sense of judgement, recognition, and memory take place.
  • Any odor you breathe in affects your limbic system, which governs emotional processing, motivation, fear, pleasure, learning and memory.
  • Olfactory stimulation is the only sensory action that reaches the cerebral cortex directly. All other sensory information (sight, sound, touch, etc.) makes a stop first at another portion of the brain, the thalamus. This is why the sense of smell affect the way we think, learn, remember, create and express ourselves.
  • The limbic system establishes emotional states, so your overall mood can be affected by smell.

Science Behind Inhaling Aroma oils for Stress & Anxiety

To sum it up, inhaling Essential Oils stimulate the olfactory system and therefore the central nervous system which is why aroma inhalation can be a very effective stress management method.

We at Vedic Vanna believe in Holistic Wellness & hence have crafted products that supports your needs to achieve emotional balance & harmony. Our range of essential oils online are pure herbal products & are safe to diffuse.

Relax with Aroma essential oils

Aroma oils for Balancing Emotions, Fighting Stress & Anxiety

Lavender Oil

Lavender Diffuser Oil- Soothes & Calms the mind, very relaxing, brings a sense of Inner Tranquility.

Very well regarded for its stress reducing & calming properties. Diffusing Lavender at night has effective sleep- inducing properties.

The fragrance is a mix of fresh, light, sweet-herbal aroma with floral, woody notes. You may diffuse it in the evening to create a calm environment for kids at home.

It works as an amazing deodorizer – all you have to do is take a few drops of lavender oil in a cotton ball and snuck it in your wardrobe or shoe box.

Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass Diffuser Oil - Uplifting the mood, Refreshing & Stimulating, anxiety-relieving & reduce restlessness.

If you wake up in the morning feeling dull and low on energy but still have to take charge of the day, look no further.

Diffusing lemongrass create a burst of vibrant energy in the house, refreshes your mood , reduces fatigue and helps manage restlessness. It is an ideal aroma oil which works as an excellent insect repellent too owing to its strong anti-microbial property along with being a good relaxant & anti-depressant.

The Crisp Citrusy fragrance of Lemongrass can liven up a house party in a very natural way. With so many therapeutic properties, no doubt this fragrance is always in demand throughout the year.

Jasmine Oil

The quintessential Jasmine is an all-time favorite in the perfumery industry owing to its complex & long-lasting fragrance.

The different notes of warm & breezy, sweet, fresh floral, herbaceous aroma has a strong appeal across the globe.

It is equally known for its medicinal properties. Diffusing Jasmine aroma oil is very healing & relaxing as it alleviates stress & depression and help bolster self – confidence. Jasmine is the queen of all fragrances and can be used anytime in the day to evoke a calm and positive environment.

Jasmine Oil

Jasmine Diffuser Oil – Reduce Anxiety, Regulate Mood, Enhance Alertness & Self Confidence.

Rose Oil

Rose Diffuser oil – Harmonize & Balances Emotions, Heals Despair & Anxiety, Whispers Romance

If you wanted an aroma oil that is versatile in aroma, therapeutic in nature & smells of Love, Rose Oil is an apt choice.

If you ask me to define the notes of its fragrance- I would say it smells like a ‘Rose’. It is one of the finest and rich fragrances that can transform an ordinary surrounding to extraordinaire. It blends well with any other aroma essential oils & creates a harmonizing effect.

It is a powerful anti-depressant, heals despair & anxiety and brings a feeling of love. Like Jasmine & lavender, Rose has powerful medicinal values and hence a very revered flower. Blend it the way you want , anytime you want, it will create a moment of bliss & calm.

Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood Essential Oil for Meditation & Calm Mind

Sandalwood Diffuser Oil – Meditative, helps achieve Peace & Tranquility of Mind

A traditional herb with a warm, woody & musky note. Usage of Sandalwood is primarily symbolical & ceremonial in nature but they have therapeutic healing powers too.

It has been used for centuries during meditation as it helps quieten mental activity, relaxes breathing ,calms internally & reduces anxiety.

Create a transcendental experience for a calm & quiet environment at home or a group meditation session.

Fun with Blending

Break the monotony of a single fragrance by blending two of them. Get your creative self to work and mix & match the best of blends. A lazy evening blend with Lavender & sandalwood or a Quiet blend with Lavender & rose smells phenomenal. Match their therapeutic properties and go create magic with oils.

Natural Oils for Diffuser

How to Use:

Aromatically- Use 10-15 drops of Aroma diffuser oil in a diffuser with 30 ml water. Use a tea light to warm up and let the fragrance float in.

Tropically- Blend 3-4 drops of essential oil with 15ml of carrier oil

( Coconut, Almond, Jojoba, Olive ) and use it in your bath tub for a relaxing bath.

Word of Caution:

Since essential oils are Natural extracts from plants, they are highly concentrated in nature and can be sensitizing to skin. Do not use it directly on your skin.

So go ahead & add these healing essential oils to your daily routine to create an aroma experience . Diffuse Aroma essential oils to purify your air , revitalize & uplift your mood. Stay well & keep safe!

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