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Pure Formulation

Ayurvedic Herb Effective Hair Massage Oil

An Ayurvedic Hair Vitalizer prepared with Natural Herbs like Shatakratulata, Bhringraj, Dhatri,Amla, Anjana.Reduces protein loss owning to color, bleach, uv rays and also has a cooling effect.

Come home to your roots 

Vedic Vanna is curated with an Indian Soul but a Global Outlook. Our products provide a delicate balance of Natural Ingredients & Effectiveness without compromising on efficacy & quality. Vedic Vanna glorifies our ancient heritage, at the same time upholds the spirit & ideology of INCLUSIVE BEAUTY."


Pure Ayurvedic Formulation for Daily Haircare


Pure Formulation

Ayurvedic Face Serum

An opulent Ayurvedic Night skin repair serum with the goodness of 26 Natural Bioactive native Indian extracts all blended for a healthy, glowing, rejuvenated skin.